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When we started building HamShield ten years ago, we had no idea how far that simple project would take us. What started as a simple project among a few friends became one of the most-funded Arduino shields on kickstarter. We went from there to the Edison Award winning Explorer block, then to LoRa devices and more. We've heard from users of our products doing all sorts of amazing projects, and dreamed up many more projects ourselves. Unfortunately, between the covid situation and changing life circumstances, we can't keep operating Inductive Twig. We'll be closing down at the end of the year.

Covid has been hard for everyone. While we've been able to avoid getting sick, it's thrown a wrench in our lives and our business. This business has always been more a labor of love than a money-making proposition, but the past few years have made it clear that we can't keep things running the way we have been.

It's going to be sad to say goodbye. We have loved contributing to the radio community. All of our designs are open source, and we'll be leaving the hardware and software online after we close. If you can find the parts, you'll still be able to make a HamShield or Explorer device. We just won't be selling them or officially supporting them.

We'll be remaining open through the end of the year to sell our remaining stock. We expect all orders to ship promptly, but we won't be restocking anything that sells out.

Thanks for the wild ride.


The Inductive Twig Team